Collection Focus

The Geography Library contains the University of Wisconsin - Madison's primary collection of geography resources, including materials in the following areas.

  • Geography
  • Cartography
  • GIS book and journal materials

The library is on the 2nd Floor of Science Hall, the location of the Geography Department, the Robinson Map Library and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

Special Collections

The Geography Library has the largest collection of materials on campus for GIS - Geographic Information Science, the History of Cartography and Climate Change.

The Geography Library also houses some UW-Madison Geography doctoral dissertations, master's theses, and senior honors theses and a reserve collection of materials relating to courses in the Department of Geography.

Mission Statement

The Geography Library will strive to acquire and provide access to materials in all formats, in the academic fields of Geography, Cartography and Geographic Information Science. We will also provide instruction to find and access to those materials.


UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty must present a valid UW ID card in order to check out materials at the Geography Library. Staff are available to assist users with checking out library materials, with locating missing materials and with recalling and renewing materials.

'LOAN PERIODS' for all UW-Madison Libraries


Print Reserves

Please ask at our desk for access to books or other physical resources on reserve. These items are arranged by course.

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves may be accessed through your My UW account. All Geography Library workstations are equipped for viewing access. We also have on-site printing capability.

Information For Instructors

Contact the Geography Library staff either by email or in person to request materials to be placed on reserve or to discuss your options.

Computers and Printers


The Geography Library is equipped with nine (9) Library networked computers. These machines are 'enhanced' with Microsoft Office software.

Also available are four (4) Science Hall network computers. These machines have a wide array of software available including GIS (ArcGIS).


All nine library workstations are networked to a HP LaserJet IV printer (7¢ per copy; debit cards and WiscCard).

The four Science Hall workstations are available to print to the libary's HP LaserJet IV printer (7¢ per copy; debit cards and WiscCard) AND to printers in other locations in Science Hall ($ varies; access varies depending on your status).

The library also has a machine to sell or add value to debit cards.


One photocopier/scanner is available. We have two sizes of paper available: 8 1/2 x 11 and 11 x 17 (ask staff for assistance with 11 x 17 paper). The photocopier does have the ability to print on both sides of a page. This machine is also equipped with a document feeder. Photocopies are 10¢ per copy; debit cards only.

The library also has a machine to sell or add value to debit cards.

This same machine is also a black and white scanner (scan document into a pdf file and email to your account). Scanning is Free!